A chocolate bar was the first prize in an essay writing contest that I won when I was in grade 4 back in Europe.  This was 50 years ago and I barely remember the exact topic, but it had something to do with fire fighters as I received the prize from a huge guy in full fire fighter regalia.

Some decades later I wrote about commercial aviation, pilot training and travelling the USA, using small airplanes.  When the German flight magazine I wrote for, was purchased by a major publishing house und my colleagues salaries and mine were cut in half, I decided to take the punch and publish my own flight magazine “USA by Air” and I become their competitor in the aviation magazines.

It was a great success and I loved it, even though it was sometimes stressful as I wrote most articles, shoot nearly all photographs, did most of the layout and even ad sales and office work.  But I learned a lot in this role as a magazine publisher-editor-art-director-marketing-manager and went also into book self-publishing for my own books that covered everything aviation and pilot training.

Recently I studied for two years e-publishing and marketing, more for my own fun, as the course offered also an attractive mixture of professional photography, writing for the web and marketing, XHTML/CSS, web and graphic design including Photoshop.



http://savvybookwriters.wordpress.com helps authors to find their way through the “jungle” of publishing on their own.

– learn how to create an author platform & their brand
– how to combine social media sites, post once & automatically appear on all
– get familiar with various publishing posibilities
– make use of each aspect of book marketing
– use the tips given on my blog, or book an individual online tutorial or weekend seminar www.111Publishing.com/seminar

I hope with this blog authors will get a good overview on what’s out there in the publishing
world and how to market their work successfully.

I am looking forward for comments and maybe guest blogs.

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