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What about earning some pocket money – even before you novel is published?  Through the Wattpad “Futures” program, interested writers can supplement their income with little effort. The program helps writers earn money by inserting ads between chapters of their Wattpad story.  Every time a reader views an ad, the writer earns money.

Let’s compare it with other reader/writer platforms, such as Goodreads, Facebook or Spotify, which also have advertisements on each page. They won’t give you a cent…

Maybe worth thinking about joining Wattpad if you are not already a member, especially when you are writing in the Young Adult, Sci-Fi, FanFiction or Romance categories. Don’t forget: “Wattpadders” are avid readers!  It will certainly not work from the first time you are uploading a chapter to Wattpad, and might even take several months – until you have enough followers.

Margaret Atwood, world-known best seller novelist and poet, Booker Prize winner is only one of two million authors, who upload single chapters or more to Readers have the chance to read, enjoy and critique manuscripts – mostly before authors finish and pre-edit them.

Canadian-based, founded in 2007, was initially providing a mobile platform for public domain works from Project Gutenberg. Within two years, the Wattpad app had been downloaded 5 million times.  Writers post work in chapters, which tend to be short, to make them suitable mobile.  Wattpad is entirely free for all of its users which means that authors are actually giving their work away for free – no sales on the Wattpad site!  However if your readers ask you, send them a list with links to all your sales pages.

According to Wikipedia:  

  • 85% of its traffic and usage comes from mobile devices
  • the site has almost 40 million unique visitors per month
  • there are over 100,000 story uploads per day
  • there have been over two million writers

Writers reach a global audience of millions of readers.
There’s nothing worse than writing a great book and then struggling to find readers. Other social networks aren’t wired for long-form reading like Wattpad.   Wattpad’s reader community of over 40 million people are hungry for great stories and spend 13 billion minutes per month on Wattpad.  At Wattpad, readers make up 90% of our community. This means that for every one writer there are ten readers.

At Wattpad you don’t have to have a finished manuscript to post and share your work. And in fact, it’s better if you don’t.  Serialization is what works best on Wattpad.  Think of your work like a television show.  Authors retain all rights to their work and are protected by copyright law in areas such as distribution, performance, and creation of the work.

Featured Story List and Contests
Wattpad also has a Featured Story list, which promotes content reviewed and approved by staff and an editorial review board. Many of these featured stories are written by self-published and professional writers from different genres.
Wattpad holds several smaller contests a year and one major one. The large annual contest is called “The Watty Awards”. Contests are open to anyone who has a Wattpad account.

Wattpad, in collaboration with Margaret Atwood, Canadian poet/novelist/literary critic, held the “Attys”; the first major poetry contest offering a chance to poets on Wattpad to compete against each other in one of two categories, either as an “Enthusiast” or a “Competitor”.

Wattpad “After Dark”
Read the steamiest romance stories for all passions and persuasions. If you love Romance novels or 50 Shades of Grey, you’ll love After Dark

Mature Romance includes, but is not limited to, Erotic Romance, Steamy Romance, New Adult, LGBTQ, Erotica, Dark Romance, and BDSM.  Get a free iTunes app and download steamy book chapters.

Making Money With a Kind of Affiliate Program.
Wattpad Futures gives the platform’s more than 2.3 million writers a chance to earn income in-story.  “In-story ads are placed strategically in chapter breaks of some of the most popular stories on the platform.”

Through the Wattpad Futures program, writers can choose to insert ads between chapters of their Wattpad story; every time a reader views an ad, the writer earns money.  
The more times the ad is viewed, the more you’ll get paid.  So, to optimize your earnings, keep updating your stories and continue engaging with the readers who support you!   

Porter Anderson of Publishing Perspectives explains: “ When an ad is available between chapters of a work on the platform, what the reader sees is an invitation to view it.  Writers are paid according to views. 90 percent of readers are engaging on mobile.  The Toronto, Canada, based “Wattpad Stars” is a stable of particularly popular writers on the platform.  More than $1 million was paid out to them last year, company officials say, for their abilities to draw traffic to their writings.”
“Readers have always encouraged their favorite storytellers with messages, comments, and votes.  Now, they can support Wattpad writers in a way that increases the writer’s income, without having to pay out of pocket.”
Wattpad Stars, an Accelerator for Top Writers.
The program helps writers take their skills to the next level, and provides brands and publishers with an opportunity to tap into Wattpad’s roster of talented digital influencers.
Wattpad describes their program that improves writers careers: “Wattpad Stars” are commissioned by top brands to write stories that entertain and engage audiences and some even see their work in print or as screen adaptations.  They also receive marketing and support from Wattpad to increase their presence and advance their careers.

if You Are Not a Member Yet…
Wattpad was established in 2006.  Today it has more than 45 million members spending an average of thirty minutes on the platform per visit.  There are more than 130,000 signups daily.  The service is offered in English, Spanish, Danish, Polish, Italian, Swedish, German, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Catalan, a total of more than 50 languages.

See how to get started on Wattpad


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