Alternative to ACX for Your Audio-Book

Thinking about transforming your print book or e-book into audio?  Draft2Digital e-book distributor partners with FindawayVoices to provide an alternative to ACX.  Starting July 18, 2017, you will be able to quickly and easily start the audiobook production process, right from your D2D  publication page.

Once your eBook is successfully published with at least one of D2D’s distribution channels, you can start creating your audiobook with FindawayVoices, with full support from the Voices team.  You can determine your production budget, select a narrator, and have your book produced and distributed to a robust audiobook network.

FindawayVoices an audiobook creation and distribution service gives authors more freedom and control over their work.  With Voices, it’s easy to create and sell audiobooks to listeners in more than 170 countries, through the world’s largest audiobook distribution network.   Audiobooks are a vital part of an indie author’s strategy, allowing you to increase discoverability and reach new audiences worldwide while increasing the opportunity for revenue.   Audiobooks, eBooks, videos and learning tools are circulated in 40,000 libraries, schools, and military installations.

More Choices for Authors
Until now, authors had limited options for creating and distributing audiobooks and were often forced to surrender partial rights to their work or agree to lengthy exclusivity contracts.  Draft2Digital’s partnership with FindawayVoices, a company that aims to eliminate as many barriers between authors and audiobook listeners as possible.  On the downside: royalty-shares with the narrator are not an option at the moment.

Draft2Digital – D2D – Explains in a Media Newsletter:
Voices is a part of Findaway, an innovator in the production services for audiobooks for more than 10 years and a global leader in digital content delivery across retail, library, and K–12 channels.

  • FindawayVoices gives authors everything they need to create professionally narrated audiobooks, including:
  • Full Control—With Voices, you set the price, own the rights, control marketing, choose your distributors, and never sign an exclusivity agreement.
  • Global Distribution—You’ll gain access to a global platform that reaches consumers in more than 170 countries, through all major audiobook sellers across retail, library, and K12 channels (and yes, this includes Audible).
  • Custom Narrator Casting—The experts at Voices review your book and create a tailored list of recommended narrators at a range of prices for your specific title.  Voices will work with you at every step to ensure you choose the right voice at the right price for your book.
  • Professional Production—All narrators are vetted for quality, and all Voices audiobooks are quality-checked before publication, giving rights holders an extra level of assurance.
  • Full Service and Support—As a D2D author, you’re used to high-level customer support, and you can expect the same with FindawayVoices.  If you have any questions or need help, you can reach out to a Voices expert.
  • Already have an audiobook?—If you’ve already produced your audiobook, you can distribute through FindawayVoices without exclusivity, and at no cost.

FindawayVoices also revolutionized digital audiobook delivery with AudioEngine, which is quickly becoming the industry’s largest B2B audiobook delivery platform that enables brands to deliver one of the world’s largest collections of digital audiobooks within their own experience.
Audiobooks can be a tremendous benefit to an author’s career, and producing something of professional quality is now easier than ever.  If you have questions or would like more information about the Draft2Digital and FindawayVoices partnership, reach out to the D2D Customer Support!



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