AMAZON: Word Doc templates for POD Books

Nate Hoffelder posted recently on his popular blog: “When Amazon first launched KDP Print in beta last year, it asked publishers and authors to trust that Amazon could take any e-book and turn it into a good-looking POD book.”

Amazon has posted Word Doc templates for making better POD books at Kindle (platform) POD, which authors can use to format their manuscripts.

The templates come in various standard print sizes ranging from the equivalent of a paperback to a college textbook.  They are rather bland-looking, but on the upside, they also incorporate margins and line spacing that meet professional standards.

Find the templates, as well as other useful information on making POD books, on the KDP help pages.

Amazon Information:
We’ve created several resources to help you format your paperback manuscript:

For step-by-step formatting instructions, see this Help page

For tips about trim size, bleed, margins, pagination, and images, see our manuscript formatting guide here:

For in-depth guidance on formatting manuscripts, see our Paperback Publishing Guidelines

For instructions on how to update a published paperback, see our Help page

Step-By-Step Paperback Manuscript Formatting Guide (Beta)
We have created this step-by-step guide to help you format your paperback manuscript.  We recommend that you write your book in Microsoft Word.   The tips we give in this guide are specific to Word 2013, but the steps are similar in most other versions.

For your convenience, we have also created formatted templates in a variety of trim sizes.  For in-depth information on formatting your paperbacks, see our Publishing Guidelines.

Paperback Publishing Guidelines
Our Paperback Publishing Guidelines include the information you need to successfully publish your paperback:

  • Definitions of important terms like bleed, metadata, trim size, and production variance
  • Tips for entering paperback details like title, author name, series information, and ISBN
  • Tips for formatting paperback content like page size, inside/outside margins, images, and cover

To me, it seems that self-publishing gets easier and easier from year to year. 


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