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Canadian Writers and Publishers are Spoiled!

Canada-Writers .

The Canadian government is supporting and fostering literature, writers and publishers – and even ISBN’s are FREE in Canada!  The Federal Government as well as the provinces are offering lots of benefits, there is a huge list of government grants and support for writers and publishers. For example:  
Canadian authors receive approx. $10 Million per year/ in average $600, and up to $3,500.  The Canada Council for the Arts distributes annual payments to Canadian authors through the Public Lending Right (PLR) Program as compensation for the free public access to their books in Canadian public libraries.
The Canada Council for the Arts pays Canadian authors who have books that are available for borrow in Canadian libraries.  The payment is not based on the amount of times your title has been loaned out but on the amount of titles you have available in libraries.
They offer a whole range of benefits for professional Canadian writers, collectives and publishers.  In addition to providing support for the creation, translation, publication and promotion of Canadian literature, the “Writing and Publishing Section” funds among others for example author residencies, literary readings and festivals, as well as new areas of activity such as rap poetry, storytelling and digital literature.

Just one of many provincial benefits for publishers is the Ontario Book Publishing Tax Credit, offering generous tax deductions as well as funding possibilities and grants to publishers, for example:

Book Fund
Export Fund – Book
Industry Development Program
Research Grants
Funding Recipients
Collaboration and Innovation Fund

Funding and Grants, or tax credits listed above are for publishers in the province of Ontario.  Every province in Canada has their own funding program. Visit your province’ websites regularly not to miss the latest application deadlines.  More about grants and funding for writers and publishers can also be found at the Enterprise Canada website.
A study found that 80% of all copies made on copy machines are from books!  As a Writer and first-time publisher, back in Europe in the early 1980′s, I was thrilled to receive a copy-royalty cheque for $180.00 from VG WORT.
Later I found out that the same system works well in Canada under the name ACCESS COPYRIGHT.  One of the many benefits of being a small publisher or trade-published writer in Canada!  However you must have set up a small business in Canada, if you are not with an established (not Vanity!) publisher, explains ACCESS COPYRIGHT on their website.  If you sign up (for free) with Access Copyright – a non-profit organization – you will receive payments if your work is copied or shared.  You only need to register once and if your work is eligible, they will send you a check at the end of the year.
What Every Writer Needs to Know About Copyright.  Register your manuscript or articles online to the Copyright Office, Canadian Intellectual Property Office Website (fee Can $50).

Good news for Canadian authors and publishers: the ISBN application process is simple and free of charge – but only if you are living in Canada and your publishing company is registered in Canada.

Amazon is not the first company, Enthrill, a Canadian book distributer is running a successful in-store e-book sales program.  North of 49 parallel, customers can purchase e-books (cards) in drugstores, WalMarts, SaveWay grocery stores, Sears or Home Outfitters etc. – all in all over 3,000 stores! – since 2012.
Enthrill gift cards are redeemable on any device with no download of an app required.  With distribution to thousands of retail stores, consumers are using Enthrill cards to give the gift of reading. Retailers have the ability to sell $25 or $50 gift cards, which the consumer can redeem instantly for e-books that can be read on any device.

“You must get an agent!” is an advice that aspiring authors hear and read everywhere.  Is it really true?  Not for Canadian writers!   Beacon Literary Services owner Julie Ferguson says: ”Publishing statistics in Canada demonstrate that it is simply a misconception caused by American influence.  In Canada, only ten percent of books / writers are agented.
Aspiring and established authors up there successfully submit the majority (10,000) of the titles published every year directly to editors.” Author Julie Ferguson wrote a great blog post for Canadian writers, explaining in detail how publishing “north of 49th parallel” works, with a link to, featuring listings and contact information in Canada.

Writing for airline magazines, such as Air Canada’s enRoute, or WestJet’s WestJet Magazine, represents a real opportunity for every freelance writer.  Travel pieces are a staple of in-flights, yet airline publications also offer articles on technology, business, sports, and food, as well as lifestyle trends.  Find as much as possible of the articles online.

Authors are smart and able to start their own publishing business, REAL publishing, not POD and not Vanity Publishing: Finding and getting quotes or referrals for an editor, a book lay-out company or book designer, cover artist, e-book formatting company and a printer is not difficult.  Setting up their own company can be done online – in minutes.

English is English! – No! Not at all! Canada and America are two countries separated by a common language – this is how George Bernard Shaw’s statement could be converted.  Many American (and other) readers are surprised to learn that there are huge differences in spelling between English-speaking countries.  A book, written and published in Canada, needs almost to be “translated” into American English and vice versa.

BERTON HOUSE Writers’ Retreat, Dawson City, Yukon Territory
Professional Canadian writers who have one published book and are established in any creative literary discipline(s) — fiction, non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, journalism — are all encouraged to apply for Canada’s most northern Writers’ Retreat.
The Writer’s Retreat offers writers time, and a remote location to pursue their professional projects.  The writer will be housed in the Berton House at no cost in rent or utilities.  Travel costs to and from Dawson will also be covered!  The writer is responsible for a public reading in Whitehorse and Dawson City and a summary of their stay at Berton House.
Applications may be submitted by mail or email to:
Berton House Writers’ Retreat, c/o The Writers’ Trust of Canada
200-90 Richmond St. East, Toronto, ON M5C 1P1

A monthly honorarium is provided to help cover food and other living expenses.  The competition to be a writer-in-residency during the 2016-17 season is now open.  An online application form is available.  Deadline for submissions is in October of every year.
Published authors are being invited to apply for the Haig-Brown House Writer-in-Residence position.  The residency entails spending the mild Vancouver Island winter months (or a portion thereof) living in the Haig-Brown Heritage House, which is under the management of the Museum at Campbell River on Vancouver Island (BC).

The modest four bedroom house reflects the character of writer Roderick Haig-Brown and his wife Ann.  Located in a peaceful setting on the banks of the Campbell River on Vancouver Island, it contains a Heritage library and is surrounded by two acres of garden and 17 acres of public parkland.

The writer’s time will be divided between pursuing personal writing projects and providing literary advice and support to the local community, and participate in Museum winter programming.  Included is a stipend of up to CAN $2,000 per month, depending on funding.

Please include a resume (maximum two pages), a list of publications, a one-page proposal of anticipated community activities, and a sample of work in progress (20 pages); with reasons why the residency would further your work.  Forward your application package to Sandra Parrish, Museum at Campbell River, Box 70 Stn A, Campbell River, BC V9W 4Z9. For further information contact


Writers Guild

Professional Writers Association of Canada

Canadian Writers Union

Canadian Authors Association and Branches

Crime Writers of Canada

Canada is one of twenty-nine countries with an active public lending right payment program. Well, with all these benefits it is not bad at all to be a writer in Canada!


Like to Get FREE Samples?




Almost everyone likes to get free samples.  I love to try out new foods at grocery promotions, and most of the time, I buy the products after sampling. Same with books: Readers do “search inside” to find out if they like the story or the tips given in a non-fiction guidebook, before they hit the “Buy” button. Even more alluring is it, when they find an article from you on your blog, on your website or a magazine, online or print, such as, Huffington Post,,, or The Atlantic, who have millions of readers.
Give Readers a Sample of Your Craft
Your novel or your non-fiction book is full of keywords and ideas for blogs, guest blogs and newspaper or magazines. While it takes a long time until you can make money with your books, while you might be paid for your writing within a few weeks or months , and it might turn into a long-term business relation with the editors. Not all of the newspapers or magazines pay for guest bloggers, yet only the exposure you get through these publications is priceless – and it also improves your author brand and your recognition as a writer.  An author, who can write a whole book, or several for that matter, can also write short articles!  Just learn how to write for the Internet.
Benefits of Article Writing 

  • Clever Marketing and reaching millions of people can be done totally free (other than your time). Just use your creativity and imagination!
  • Be self-assured and don’t hesitate to pitch international newspapers / blogs. It takes as much time as to pitch your local neighborhood paper.
  • Write something of value for readers – which is “by chance” part of your book, such as travel tips to the location of your books plot, museums, festivals or public transportation that are mentioned in your book.
  • You have to do your research anyway, why not use the material you gather and write several articles that you can offer – always mentioning your book.
  • As a writer you know how to write, just learn how to write online content by reading lots of online articles and how they are set-up

2014 Will Likely See Many More Books Published!
And more competition …  On the other hand, author-publishers will have more opportunities to engage more deeply with their audiences, expanding efforts to build online communities of interest for their readers. More authors, meanwhile, will hopefully recognize the value of true fans, and the importance of forging meaningful connections with the right people to rise above the competition.

Readers want to know more and interact with the author who’s book they are buying – not only see ads with the message: Buy my book, buy my book, buy my book … Readers rather want to see samples of your writing. 




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