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How to Get an Additional FREE Website

… and use the URL as email signature, which contains all your Social Media links, your website or blog address and works even well as a short author bio.

The two founders Ryan Freltas and Tony Conrad and their small team created an awesome service with their free URL and website.
When I discovered About.Me, I admired their sites’ clean design, was curious and immediately created a website, which was the easiest thing I have ever done on the web. Sheer fun!  I am amazed, thinking about how much money I paid once for software that was so complicated to use, that I gave up to build a single page.  And these folks at About.Me created such an easy program!
OK, this will not replace your author website or blog, but it is a great place to send people to learn more about you as an author, find all your links to Social Media sites and your web presence and can follow you on all your sites with one click. In the future you don’t need to have a long link list for your readers: You give them one single link as email signature.  And last but not least: it is a Social Media site in itself.  You can connect with lots of people on About.Me.
As more potential readers find you and your book’s cover on the Internet as better, and as higher your ranking on search engines!

There are now 4.25M people on the platform. We had 1.6M when we bought back the company, +264% growth versus 2012.
We’re on every continent except Antarctica! There is at least one about.meuser in every country on the planet.
We generated nearly a billion Profile Page-views last year, +1,111% vs 2012 and we’ll do a lot, like a lot more this year. To put our growth in perspective, we did 4M Profile Page-views in January 2013 and 148M Profile Page-views in December 2013. Said another way, we’re now doing as many Profile Page-views in 2/3 of a day as we were doing in a full month before we bought back the company.
We generated over 3M Compliments in 2013, +486% in Q4 vs Q3. In December, we did as many compliments in a week as we did in the whole month of August.
Our users love collections, as shown by a 1,114% increase in Q4 vs Q3.”
We helped a lot of you forge new Connections, +341% vs 2012 and total replies are now doubling month over month.
Logins (+656% vs 2012), Active Users (+401% vs 2012) and Time on Site are at all time highs.

Get featured by inviting a friend!
See examples here and learn more About.Me and their fantastic performance.

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