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Secret Cinemas: 10 Erotic Movie Fantasies

Giveaway for US Goodreads Members – ends March 10
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Andy Warhol, film-maker and visual artist, once famously stated: “Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.” How true this really is, proves Dr. Charlayne Grenci in her latest book: SECRET CINEMAS: 10 Erotic Movie Fantasies.

Opening SECRET CINEMAS, you are entering a world of sexual fantasy, passion and pleasure where you can explore and experience the powerful, captivating realm of erotic sexual adventures and escapades. Get it either for free as a print version at the Goodreads giveaway or order the eBook version at Amazon for $2.99



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THE Best Place to Find Your Readers


Do you still wonder where you can find new readers for your books? THE best place is good old Goodreads.  It has more than 27 million users who join Goodreads to learn more about books and their authors.  Do not forget the ten-thousands of communities and groups for every kind of literature one can think of, as well as discussion groups, and book clubs on Goodreads.
As a Goodreads member – no matter if writer or reader – you can post your own reviews and catalog the books that you have read, that you are currently reading, or plan to read in the future – exactly what almost every Goodreads member does.
Use Goodreads to Learn About Interested Readers:
You might have used already Goodreads’ Giveaway feature, had hundreds of people applying for a free copy of your print book. The great benefit with these giveaways is not only the opportunity to receive reviews, but also to see who wanted to get and read your book. Check your giveaway page several times a week and immediately follow these readers on their Goodreads site (and on social media, if they post it on their Goodreads site).

Follow Your Giveaway Applicants.
Sure there will be some members who are only chasing free books and enter lots of giveaways.  But the majority is at least interested in your genre and your book.  After the giveaway ended, send them a message through your Goodreads email.  Thank them for entering the Giveaway, and ask them if they might be interested in a free e-book version as a consolation prize.  In order to send your e-book to them via Amazon or as a PDF or ePub version from your files, they need to give you their email address.

Meeting Readers via Book Shelves.
Goodreads ‘Book Shelves’ are another way to find your potential readers.  You know for sure who are the bestseller authors in your genre.  Go to their book’s Goodreads site and find all people who ‘shelved” (added) their book, then scroll down and see exactly who “marked it as to-read”.  Follow these readers on Goodreads, on their blogs, websites or their social media appearances, and connect with them online. You might also send them an invitation to your next virtual book launch through Goodreads or Google+.

Readers who ‘shelved’ your own book to their Goodreads page will automatically receive a message once you start a book giveaway.

Join Reader Forums at Goodreads.
Do you realize how many writer forums and groups are on Goodreads? Just go to the top of each page and click on “Groups”. A new page opens and shows “Recently Active Groups”, “Featured Groups”, “Goodreads Author Groups”, and so on.  On the right-hand side of the page you will find “Browse by Tag”.  This is where all the groups are listed by over 1,000 keywords.  For example:

  • Book Club
  • Historical Fictionistas
  • Non-Fiction
  • Young Adult Book Groups
  • Suspense
  • Super-Natural
  • The Perks Of Being A Book Addict

As you can see, when you scroll down on the right-hand side, there are ten-thousands of groups: Books & Literature (26598) Business (1393) Entertainment & Arts (2222) Friends & Common Interest (6914) Geography (490) Goodreads Authors (2535) Just for Fun (22709) Organizations (3365) Student Groups (6129).

There is even a group that encourages Author-Publishers (Indies) to promote their books – a rarity at Goodreads, where obvious self-promotion is not well received otherwise.
These groups are a hidden gem, helping readers and reviewers to meet. Almost all are public groups.  Anyone can join and invite others to join. However, it is not a place to blatantly tout your books, with the exception that I just mentioned.  Goodreads explains it as follows:

“Authors are welcomed and Goodreads supports authors in many ways, but the groups are primarily geared towards readers.  Authors should join and participate in the group as a reader first.”  Once you are known in these forums, your author site will be known and your books will automatically be read – and often reviewed.  Do not miss to join this group, where writers and book reviewers meet.
As you can see, with a little bit creativity you can find out who are your actual and your potential readers. Goodreads is just one example, there are many other reader communities, such as LibraryThing, Wattpad or Shelfari and social media places to meet your readers.


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17 Tips How to Successful Run Book Giveaways



Book giveaways are a powerful way to get a lot of exposure – and your book in the hands of new readers, who might even write reviews. The success of your book giveaway depends very much on how you promote this event – and also how you leverage the networking possibilities you gain with new followers and contacts.

Print Book Giveaways on Goodreads
Goodreads only allows print books as Giveaways. They offer all members: “Be the first to read new books! Pre-release books are listed for giveaway by publishers and authors, and members can enter to win. Winners are picked randomly at the end of the giveaway.”  The idea is that many of the people who win a free book will be good enough to write a review of it on Goodreads (some people are so enthusiastic that they write reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Shelfari etc). Reviews help book sales, so publishers and authors are keen to do giveaways.  However, if your book is in digital format only: there are ways to print a handful of books, once you have an ISBN. However, there are some competitors to Goodreads, who offer e-Book Giveaways for members, such as:

BookLikes Allows e-Book Giveaways
In terms of features and functionality, BookLikes is similar to Goodreads. Of course, they don’t have nearly the traffic that Goodreads does, so you should not expect similar results if you have done a book giveaway there in the past. If GoodReads allowed e-Book giveaways, they would be almost perfect in my mind. But since they don’t, sites such as BookLikes are another alternative for authors who don’t publish print books.
To list your book giveaway on BookLikes, sign up for a free account and click on the giveaways link when you are logged in. On the next page, there should be a tab at the top of the page in the main navigation that says “Create Your Giveaway.”
You will be asked for the same info as the other sites in the form on the following page. Their rules seem to have been almost copied directly from Goodreads, as they appear to be identical. For more questions go to their FAQ’s.  Best of all, you can choose to pick the winners of the giveaway yourself. It is certainly less expensive then to donate print books and you can offer easily a dozen or more copies. You can either send the winners a PDF or you can gift the e-book via Amazon and boost your sales ranking at the same time.

Print and e-Book Giveaways Through Book Bloggers
Consider offering copies of your book to other bloggers you follow, or you have found through a Google search and have them host a giveaway. Book bloggers often really appreciate being able to do giveaways, and this can extend your reach outside of your previous networking!

Giveaway on Your Website
Your blog or website are great places too for giveaways, especially if you have thousands of followers / readers there or an extensive newsletter email list. Use the same announcements and promotions as you would do for a Goodreads or BookLikes giveaway (see below).


Do’s and Don’ts of Giveaways

Do: Enter your first giveaway 4-6 weeks before your book’s launch and then periodically every other month. Schedule your giveaway at least three days in advance.

Do: Write a compelling giveaway description with snippets of reviews and mentioning any awards the book won

Do: Offer always auto-graphed books, when it is a printed version.

Do: Follow everyone who applied for the giveaway. On Goodreads you can follow 25 people/day. These are the people who are interested in your book. Send a thank-you-note to everyone who entered, and offer 2-3 chapters of your book to the not-so-lucky ones, and invite them to join your newsletter.

Do: Use the free event feature at Goodreads and Google+ and invite everyone there to participate in the Giveaway.

Do: Announce the giveaway at least once a day on your Google+ timeline and share it with: public, your circles and extended circles – as well use the function “Also send email to Your circles” next to the sharing button (for your first post and then towards the end of the giveaway period to remind them).

Do: Post your giveaway regularly to all the Social Media sites, don’t forget Pinterest or Flickr (use not only your cover photo, but anything that fits to the theme of your book), and maybe create even a short video about this giveaway. Make arrangements for interviews in local newspapers, mentioning your giveaway (plan well in advance!)

Do: Write a blog about your giveaway – and post this blog article not only on Social Media, but also on free e-Zines.
Do: Announce your Book Blog Giveaways in these listings / blogs too:

Do: Vary the giveaway time length: One giveaway only for a week, and later another one for three weeks.

Don’t start or end your giveaway on a holiday or the days before. People are busy with other things around this time or they travel.

Don’t limit your giveaways to your own country, offer it worldwide. It means more exposure and if your giveaway is only one to three copies it’s affordable, especially if you let it send as a gift through Amazon – this way it helps your ranking too. But always include a friendly note, even when you gift it via the online retailer.

Don’t delay the delivery to the winner. Send or let it send the same minute the giveaway ends or you receive the name of the winner.

Using best practices, planning well ahead and using every kind of promotion will deliver a successful campaign for your book.  And don’t forget the benefits of connecting with new followers and readers of your books. And here you can find tips for readers, how to win books on Goodreads.

Which additional giveaway possibilities did you use – and how did you promote your own giveaway?



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