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Once more about Google+ : Google is by far the most popular search engine on the planet, and Google+  should be at the top of your list when it comes to digital marketing.  ”How to Make Use of Google+ as an Author” was the title of yesterday’s blog post, with several links to other posts about Google+ advantages and displaying an info-graphic with 56!!! REASONS why it makes sense to be on the 2nd largest network in the world why it is worth to be on Google+ and get top Google search engine rankings. And still, I found a comment:

“Is Google+ worth it?”
This question made me wonder … as I had the impression, the comment-er had only read the headline, and not the 56 reasons, nor the links I provided in my post. The question could also have been: “Is is worth to promote my book?” So here, once more, a short version of some of the Google+ benefits:
Short answer: YES, it is worth to be on Google+

  • IF you find your book worth promoting …
  • IF you want to be high on Google’s ranking in the search engines (SEO) and get more readers.
  • IF you want to be on the 2nd largest network in the world.
  • IF you want to post your events, such as a book launch, for FREE.
  • IF you want to show your books cover & description several times a day to an unlimited number of readers.
  • IF you use your book’s keywords in short descriptions at your Google+ posts to get much better search engine rankings.
  • IF you want to post your book on dozens of Google+ reader’s communities.
  • IF you want to get higher rankings on Google for your WordPress blog or website.
  • IF you want to have an extra site on Google for each of your books – up to 50!
  • IF you want to introduce your book trailer to a huge audience.
  • IF you do NOT want to have restrictions, such as on Facebook (only have “friends you know”).
  • IF you are inviting thousands of people to your Google+ sites (can be done with only a couple of clicks. How? Just read the FREE book, mentioned below.
  • IF you want your message to go to an unlimited amount of people – on Facebook it goes only to fewer than 200 people – unless you pay!
  • IF you want to use a Google+ social sharing button, to invite readers to circulate your post.
  • IF you share other peoples articles on Google+, it creates a link back to your site. And being Google, sharing on their social network will get YOUR content indexed almost immediately, and pushes you up the rankings on Google’s search listing.
  • IF you value this: a Google+ account allows you to claim authorship of your original post. This keeps your content accredited to you, in case content thieves scrape your work.

OK, enough said … happy PLUS googling … Here are more professional marketing tips to help you gaining more success with your books.

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