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1-Day Publishing Seminar Sarasota, FL, Sat Mar 22



Writing a novel or a  non-fiction book is hard enough, and then, having to market your book against a lot of competition. might take you – like many other writers – the fun out of publishing. And even those authors that go with a publishing house would rather write, then to spend all their time on Social Media or book signings.
There are many ways for authors to write more and spend less time online.  In our Seminar we will explain you the great possibilities, how to market your book through WRITING, not necessarily with new content, but with content that you have written already.  We will also explain how you can leverage your manuscript and your research in many ways that is more lucrative than 
royalties can ever be.
In this Seminar you will:

  • Explore new publishing possibilities; don’t limit yourself to books only
  • Learn how to make more money with your writing, using your manuscripts content
  • Become a brand, and leverage the content of your book into other markets
  • Market and publicize your book successfully on a budget
  • Find out about Government grants and funding possibilities

What You Will Get Out of this Seminar:

Receive lots of useful information for your further literary career in this workshop. Find out how to navigate the modern publishing world seminar while in the relaxed atmosphere of a group of writers. Get hundreds of valuable practical hands-on tips how to promote your book without even spending money for it – through writing and earn more money by leveraging your manuscript.


Save $20 Early-Bird-Discount before March 18, and register for only $59


You might have read our valuable tips for authors. posted daily at our popular blog: At our seminars, writers get many more tips and practical help for their future career. Sign up now and don’t forget to tell all your writer’s friends about it. See you there!




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