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You might have heard or even know Patrick Jones’ 400+ pages thriller
THE WOLF’s MOON   http://www.amazon.com/Wolfs-Moon-Linden-Chronicles-Book-ebook/dp/B0077F0DFI/  which is FREE on Kindle today, October 29 and on Friday and Saturday, October 30 and 31.



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About the book: Mark Lansdowne, whose friendly exterior masks a history of covert missions and lethal violence, is still recovering from the death of his beloved wife one year prior. The outside world intrudes into his grief in a bloody fashion with a string of horrific attacks on locals. The body count spirals; the apparent culprit is an animal allegedly extinct for thousands of years. Lansdowne relentlessly tracks the creature, inadvertently becoming engaged in a life-or-death battle. Victorious but wounded, Lansdowne ends up in the hospital – while outside, evidence implies that the animal Lansdowne killed was not the only one of its kind.

Bestselling author Patrick Jones – read also an interview with him – has a second Halloween gift for readers:  His latest book THE RIVER  – it’s FREE too for the next three days.



Get it via the “international” link
rxe.me/7GPKCE –  FREE for all countries 


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Use Upcoming Holidays to Promote Your Book


Pitching your book to newspaper editors – in the hope to get an invitation for an interview or a book review – benefits greatly when you add a hook in your query letter, such as a holiday that has a reference to your work. The same is true for mentioning your work on Social Media.

Which holidays, other than Christmas – or Christmas in July – can be used to promote your book?

  • New Years
  • Valentines
  • Spring Break
  • Easter
  • Mothers Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Christmas in July
  • Summer Reads
  • Back to School / Labourday
  • Columbus Day
  • Fall Colors
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Romance and Family
All writers of romantic (and even less romantic) love stories could contact newspapers or magazines well in advance due to a presentation of their book around Valentine’s Day. For a magazine exposure plan at least 3-4 months in advance.  Mothers Day or Fathers Day are great hooks for family stories, memoirs or books describing relationships with a parent.

Christmas in July
And then there is July. A great time for summer specials or book sales, combined with donations for good causes.

Politics and Social
Is the story in your book one that could only happen in Canada or during Confederation time? Or a story telling the life of immigrants to Canada. To pitch for coverage around Canada Day is your turn then.  Let it be the reason to mention Labor (Labor) Day in your query, should you write about labor relations or social aspects of workers or a story that happens on Labor Day.

History and Wars
Is your latest book about history, or is it about a famous person in history (and everything related to it), such as President Washington, Martin Luther King, Columbus, or Queen Victoria and her time in history? There are holidays, both in the USA and Canada, and also in Great Britain or Australia were your work fits well for an article or interview. Even war dates could be a great hook for your historical writing.
Does your novel or non-fiction book capture the last wars, including Independence War, or soldiers of this or the last century? Memorial / Remembrance Day / Veterans Day and Independence Day are great reasons to pitch to a journalist or editor and suggest an article about your book or an interview.

Have you something written that covers early settlers or the Irish, the famine there and a difficult new beginning in North America? Or does part or the whole story happens around Thanksgiving or St. Patrick’s Day? Mention it in your query and use it as a hook!

Does your novel contain keywords such as spooky, haunted, ghosts, paranormal, super natural, Gothic or even pumpkins – then fall would be perfect to promote your book extensively.

The Holiday Season
Same opportunity would be Christmas Day or New Year’s Day to cover your books story that is related or happens in the holiday season, including Black Friday or Boxing Day. Writers will easily find a hook to pitch interviews or book reviews during the holiday circle, just from using the connection between their story and the upcoming holiday.

Prepare well Ahead!
Open with a statement that makes the editor want to keep reading. Is it really timely and in time? Send your query letter at least 6 – 8 weeks before the holiday (magazines 3-4 months!) and follow up. Make the news paper editors work easy: Be sure to close with your contact information highly visible. Do you have any clips, or a website / blog? Put it right out in plain sight.

Every Novel has dozens, if not hundreds of keywords, just comb through them and for sure you will find something related to a holiday!  Make a list and schedule your pitches / social media or blog posts in your calendar. This way you will not miss any opportunities.




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