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Too Short For a Book? Or Too Long?


From The Guardian: “Writers can seldom express ideas “at their natural length”, because in the world of traditional print only a few lengths are commercially viable.  Write too long, and you will be told to cut it – as Stephen King was when The Stand came in too long to be bound in paperback.”

“Worse, write too short, and you won’t get published at all.  Your perfect story is 50 pages long – or 70, or 100?  Good luck getting that printed anywhere.  Commercial print publishers have never liked novellas or novelettes, authors always have.  Indeed, many writers have done their best work at that length, despite the difficulty of finding publication.”

Four years ago Amazon launched a sub-store on its US website: “Kindle Single: “Compelling ideas expressed at their natural length”, as they call it.  The internet giant Amazon pays 70% royalties, for Singles priced between 99 cents and $4.99.

“Typically between 5,000 and 30,000 words, Kindle Singles are editorially curated and showcase writing from both new and established voices – from bestselling novelists and journalists to many previously unpublished writers.”

In the past many writers have taken a strong 70-page idea and stretched it into a weak 300-page book because the trade publishing industry demanded. Amazon gave short formats – Singles – an identity.
Any writer can approach Amazon directly, as bestseller author Stephen King did with Guns, a nonfiction essay too long, at 8,000 words, for most newspapers or magazines.  Another hit by King was his Kindle Single Mile 81, a top seller.

How to Submit Your Work as Kindle Single
Amazon considers even e-books, recently published via Kindle Direct Publishing, manuscript submissions, or pitches.  To nominate your self-published book, simply email us at and include the title, ASIN, and a brief summary.

  • If the work is not yet published, you can submit a manuscript or a detailed pitch for your Kindle Single.
  • Send as much material as you have available to and include your name and a writing sample.
  • All manuscripts submitted as attachments must be accompanied by a cover letter with a detailed summary of the submission.
  • Writers or publishers wishing to propose an idea for a Kindle Single can write to our editors at

Amazon’s “Singled Out” section shows the latest Kindle Single Bestsellers in a variety of genres.  Which short story did you write that could be a Kindle Single?  If you are an author and already published a Single at Amazon, let us know about your experience and success.



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