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Shopping for Books: How to Save Money



Amazon Free Bestsellers – Top 100 Free
For example:
Mark the page on your computer and find new offers every day.  You can choose between fiction and non-fiction, but often fiction books are scattered between non-fiction.
Students (no age restriction) can get Amazon Prime for half the price and it allows to get it via Amazon’s quick shipping system or free shipping.  In most cases, Amazon has the best prices for books anyway.

Goodwill, Frenchy’s or Salvation Army Thrift Stores
I am always amazed by their large number of great books and collectible magazines.  You have to comb through all their books, but you often find some in good condition and at very low prices.

Garage Sales and Flea Markets
I found the most wonderful – and often brand-new – bestsellers and (expensive) coffee table books at these venues – sometimes for only a dollar.

Barnes & Noble
Their membership program costs $25 but if you are an avid reader, it’s really worth it.  You will receive emails with coupons and offers and based on my experience, I’ve noticed that it is a lot easier to order through their online store because as a member, you receive a benefit of actually receiving free shipping and the items are usually delivered pretty quickly.

Books A Million – BAM!
They have a special price section, including recent book releases and sometimes promotions that include a “Buy 2, get the 3rd book” for free which had a nice selection.  Their membership program is similar to the one at Barnes & Noble, and they do price matching with Amazon – a good reason to become a BAM! member.

Target also price-matches with Amazon, which means: a good way to save money on these books but they have to be directly sold and be delivered by Amazon and not third party sellers.

Used Book Stores – Brick & Mortar
They can be found in almost every town or city – all over the world.  Books are mostly sorted by genres, so if you are looking for certain books you will find it easily, and most owners or staff can help you to find hidden gems.

Online: Thrift Book Stores
Their offers might include:

  • Every time you reach $50 in book purchases we will send you a $5 coupon.
  • Tell-A-Friend and Get $15% towards your next order
    2 for $7.00 3 for $10.00 4 for $12.00 – Additional books only $3 each

Find the 15 best online thrift bookstores here:

Great tips also at this Goodreads group:

Free Books for Reviewers
Receiving free books is a given for book reviewers – not only in print or ebook format but also as audio downloads.  If you are writing thoughtful reviews and you will be presented with more books than your shelves can hold.
And if you are new to book blogging and reviewing, start with reviews of the books you have already in your library, create a special page for them on your blog or website and a section “submission guidelines”.
Don’t forget to add “Book Reviewer” or “Book Blogger” to all of your social media profiles, such as on Twitter, Google+ or Goodreads.
Giveaway Books at Goodreads or LibraryThing
Did you know: there are thousands of books available through giveaways?  Authors stir interest to their work via book giveaways.  As a member at these book lover sites, you can apply and win free books.  If you enjoyed reading the novel you won – say thank you to the author and write a review.  Just as you would do with any other book (hopefully).
Happy Shopping, Reading and Reviewing!



Online Purchase: How to Find the Best Deals?



If I need a new laptop, an air-conditioner, an office lamp or something else, I don’t just click on “buy”, when purchasing online – even if I compared prices before on Amazon, or used their app mobile application for iPhone and iPod.  I try to stretch my dollars even further, using a list of deal-finders in order to save money when buying online.

Coupon Codes and Deal Finders
Especially for online shoppers, they are the hottest tools on the web.  Make sure you’re getting the best price possible, using deal finders, price comparators, and clever product search engines.  Check out these sites, you might find lots of low-priced treasures:

How to Find the Best Online Deals?

Dealnews is popular because it’s actually a whole network of similar deals sites like DealMac, DealRAM, DealCam, and more.  It’s “where every day is Black Friday.”  The Dealnews front page organizes deals by category, especially on tech products.  It’s friendly interface – complete with large pictures of featured product deals – is a convenient scan site for the casual deal-searcher.

My favorite, PriceGrabber, is a comparison shopping website that searches and compares prices from popular online retailers to show the lowest price available price.  Apart from the simple search, PriceGrabber supports “Price Alerts” and rates products, based on expert and user reviews.


FatWallet is best known for it’s active community of prudent spenders, and is an excellent resource for saving money online and off.  You need to do a little digging, but you can find plenty of great deal streams, for example in their “Hot Deals” forum.
.  rounds up free shipping coupons for over 600 stores online from the Gap to Macy’s, Target, Home Depot and Land’s End.  Search by store or by item to find free shipping coupon codes before you hit the “Purchase” button.
. looks up products on sale at a better price than an existing listing that you enter. combines user-entered prices as well as product listings across the web.

GotoDaily is a straightforward coupon search engine.  Enter a store web site or keywords and GotoDaily will list coupon codes and deals.
. is an online price watcher. You enter the URL of a product online that you want to get at a better price, and ShoppingNotes will email you a price drop notification up to a number of days that you specify.

ZingSale is another straightforward email price drop notification tool.  Enter your desired product and your email address, and ZingSale will send a message when it goes on sale.
. is a comprehensive and very popular deal-finding web site with an active user community, dedicated to scouring the web for great deals.  Slickdeals posts a steady stream of deals on their homepage, from tech to toys and clothing to appliances.

Price!pinx tracks price drops at any site and offers a handy bookmarklet to do just that. Enter your email address and add items to your watch list by hitting the !pinx button.

GoodGuide for environmental conscious shoppers: they offer a product database of information categorizing each item on how socially, health-conscious, and environmentally responsible it is. Find safe, healthy, green, & ethical product reviews based on scientific ratings.

DealsPlus is like the other popular deal finders listed but with a twist: It integrates social bookmarking features like Digg or Delicious to help the most popular deals rise to the top. DealsPlus users submit deals and vote on the submitted deals they like; popular deals make it to the DealsPlus home page.

Last but not least: MYHABIT
Stylish clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories or jewelry: Get fantastic deals every day at this Amazon outlet.  For a limited time, you and each friend who accepts your invitation will earn $20.  Your account will be credited when their first order ships.  Gift card credit can be redeemed on both, and sites.


Deal Finders
Most deal search engines work the same way:  You enter the product you’re looking for and in some cases, the price point, and they return online deals.  Price drop notification systems watch items you enter over time and email you when it goes on sale.  Get the best price possible, using these websites.




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How to Get Help for Successful Holiday Book Sales


The coming weeks will be a very busy time for authors: they might even participate in NaNoWriMo, creating 50,000-word novels, spending long hours of writing and editing, or tinkering about self-publishing, starting pre-sales for their upcoming book on Amazon, or have finally their first book launch. Writing books and then self-publishing can turn into a full-time job – a business or profession that very few authors studied before. So how can we help writers and self-publishers with publishing consulting and promoting their books?

Take Advantage of Our Knowledge
Our experience in publishing spans more than 30 years, including e-publishing and writing for magazines. During our popular 3-month Online Seminar you will learn everything to build your platform and your author brand – and at the same time promote your books in a couple of weeks.
If you would study and research everything necessary to become a successful self-publisher it would take you years…
This is the most successful marketing service we offer, combining all the information and support an author needs to plan for a successful book release, or to boost the exposure of an already published book – helpful to boost sales for the upcoming holiday season. We certainly help you to promote your book during this time through our Social Media accounts and blogs. The author interview and articles about your book will stay at our high-ranking blogs and websites forever.

Individual Consulting – Tailored to Your Book
The first step at the Online Seminar will be for us to read your book to understand your writing and your potential audience, while you will fill out a detailed questionnaire. This gives us an overview, identifying your specific strengths and opportunities. One size does not fit all with book marketing, so each marketing plan is different, based on the project’s needs and timing. We will thoroughly analyse your target audience and for example will help you to:

  • professionally write jacket copy, author bio, and tag lines
  • create your author pages, e.g. on Amazon, Goodreads, Google+
  • personalize guidelines for your marketing strategy
  • specify steps and projects for your book launch
  • create publicity angles and press release topics,
  • show you how to pitch bookstores and libraries
  • learn how to find book bloggers and book reviewers
  • organise book giveaways, online campaigns, contests
  • use successfully social media networking and marketing and how to save time at your online activities

One-on-One Crash Course
Not every channel is appropriate for every book marketing project, so we’ll recommend what will work best for you.  And: None of these activities we suggest for your book marketing will cost you an extra dime.  Important for your success at this Online Seminar is your willingness to learn and to work actively on your platform.
The package includes at least 3 hours of phone or Skype consultation to discuss the plan, answer questions, and help you determine your next steps. Call it a one-on-one crash course in book marketing, targeted for your title and audience.

That’s Not All…
There is way more what you get out of this Online Seminar: Exposure to hundred-thousands of readers on our online presentations, unlimited book marketing consultations by email for up to three months, an article / author-interview to introduce you and your book to readers, instructions / checklist / links for you to use for your book promotions.  Did I mention that this 3-months Online Seminar will be very affordable, less than $2 a day.  All in all only US $179.

There is another way to get help with publishing and book marketing: our phone / Skype consultations, which we will introduce in the next blog article. Stay tuned!




If you would like to get more support in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites – or to learn how you can make yourself a name as an author through content writing: We offer all this and more for only $179 for three months – or less than $2 per day! Learn more about this customized Online Seminar / Consulting for writers:

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