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Founded in 1996, ArtistFirst was the first radio network ever to use the combination of the internet, web streaming and podcast archiving to promote Independent Artists.  The current average listenership to “The Authors-First Show” on ArtistFirst Radio is over 84,000 per show and rising!  More than 220 million listeners have enjoyed ArtistFirst Radio in the past two years.

Authors-First Show is a LIVE one-hour prime-time worldwide radio broadcast about you and your book
on the ArtistFirst World Radio Network! 

Join over 8,000 Independent Authors.
That’s how many writers have already shared the ArtistFirst Radio Network microphones, including numerous best-selling “big name” authors and celebrities.  I was surprised how many writers who I know from my social media networks have been interviewed already. Check out if you find any of your writer friends on their website.

Listen to 4,000 Past Shows for Free.
You can tune-in on your smartphone, your PC, tablet, laptop, or any internet device, anywhere in the world, by clicking: – or log on to and click on the “On Air” button to listen to the author interviews, like over 150,000 people do every day.
How ArtistFirst Host Interviews Work.
You will be interviewed LIVE on-air over the phone, for about an hour, all the time discussing your life, your book and why folks should buy it.  You need to send them some material in advance of the show, and their host will use those materials to make the interview interesting and engaging.
Listeners are directed to the author’s website, and the ArtistFirst Radio Network posts infos about the book on their website.
Get a Free Copy of Your Show.
While the show is airing live worldwide, the station engineer is also recording a copy of the show.  A few days later the show copy will be posted to the archive section of their web site, where it will remain indefinitely.  Anyone can listen to the archive immediately for free. You are also free to download your show’s archive and post it to your website or anywhere else you want.
Once you have been interviewed by a radio station make every effort to leverage this opportunity and let everyone know about it. Endorsements of traditional media, even if it’s simply mentioning your name, is marketing gold if you are trying to get a book into more readers hands.  Find lots of tips how you can subtly announce your public appearance in one of our former blog posts.
How Much Does it Cost?
There is no set fee, the ArtistFirst Radio Network only asks the author to make a DONATION to the station in ANY amount they choose.  Set your donation for airtime and a 1-hour showcase radio infomercial that will exist in cyberspace probably forever!
Your donation in any amount helps to keep the dream alive, and affordable for all Independent Authors.  By accepting a donation based policy, ANY author, regardless of financial status, can be included in this series.

If you would like to appear contact The Authors-First program by e-mail:, or call the station at 1-330-823-2264.

Tips and Tricks for Success with Radio Shows:
For more about how to get lots of Radio Interviews read a detailed article by William A. Gordon, by Jacqueline Church Simonds, and Bonnie Harris:

“Follow up with a thank you to your contact, and stay in touch to let that person know what’s happening with the book.  Interviewers and producers tend to “adopt” new authors they like and can be extremely helpful.  Cultivate your media connections like a new set of friends.”

“Another note – don’t get snotty about which station you will be on. Many smaller stations communicate with bigger ones.  If they hear you’re a great guest they will suggest you.”

“To book radio you need to think like a producer, not like somebody with something to sell.  Provide real content, respond immediately and be a prompt, entertaining guest.  Radio can be the springboard to bigger things – more importantly it has an incredible reach all on its own.”


Has Your Book been on Air – At a Radio Show?



The Book Report with Host Elaine Charles is a fun, fast-moving, fact-filled show in 10 major markets across the USA. Check their radio stations and show schedules:

A lively mix of author interviews, audio book previews and chats with those influential in the literary world, The Book Report has become appointment listening for bibliophiles and book clubs alike. It’s a great way to find out who’s hot in the book world and which titles critics and readers are buzzing about.

Like everyone of us, Elaine is a voracious reader, book club member in good standing and book lover from the days of Golden Books on. Elaine received her undergrad degree from Boston University and Master’s from George Washington University. She’s worked overseas, at the Library of Congress and most recently at The Miami Herald.


Cocoa, FL
WMEL AM 1300
Saturdays 6pm
The Book Report: Listen Live at 
Gotta Read It Minutes: Every Weekday

New York, NY
Saturdays 6:30-7pm
The Book Report: Listen Live at

Visit The Book Report channel at YouTube for archived “Gotta Read It Minutes”.
Or listen on iTunes
The Book Report On: iTunes  Listen to popular and emerging authors discuss their latest projects, new books, and the craft of writing. Featured authors in all genres appearing weekly at Book Talk RadioThe Book Report On: YouTube 

If you have ideas on books you’d like previewed, author interviews you would like to hear, or any sort of feedback, please contact Elaine directly at:

Post it on Your Author Pages
Your book sales will certainly not sky-rocket after a radio show, but it will be on YouTube and iTunes archived, which is another possibility to subtle post and tweet about your book and your radio appearance.  After being interviewed by a local radio station: endorsements of traditional media, even if it’s simply mentioning your name, is marketing gold if you are trying to get a book into more readers hands. Don’t miss to let everyone know about it, post it on YouTube and all free video sharing sites and certainly on all your author pages at online retailers.

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