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How to Double or Triple Your Writers Income


Re-purposing your book manuscript, your research and your articles is a great way to build your expertise and earn more money from your writing.  Most stories fit more than one genre.  

Re-purpose your manuscript and make more out of it than just a book and an e-book: Your book has a secret ingredient that is called “Copyright.”  Every story you write, every novel, is a package of copyright.   What else can you do with your manuscript and your copyright?  Split your manuscript into slices and sell each piece separately!

You can sell parts of your book to:

  • one publisher
  • other parts to another publisher
  • some parts to overseas markets
  • other parts to audio
  • as e-Books or Singles
  • to game companies
  • maybe even to Hollywood’s film industry
  • use parts of it to submit to contests
  • divide it in chapters and sell to magazines
  • or to web publishers …

The list goes on and on and on. But what you need to do:

  • Self-Publish!  Don’t be on the mercy of a publisher/vanity press!
  • learn all about copyright
  • realize that each piece can be a cash stream for you
  • you don’t even have to use your name, get a pen name or even several

You can sell these manuscript copyrights or uses in several ways:

First Serial Rights
They can be print or electronic and mean that you are selling a publisher the right to publish your article once for the first time.  In the case of print rights – you may immediately sell the piece to an e-publisher before print publication and, after the print magazine containing your article hits the newsstand, you are free to sell it again as a reprint to other print markets.

First Serial Right Electronic
Most Canadian and US freelance authors sell North American first serial rights, reserving the right to sell in other world markets (e.g. Great Britain, Australia or Asia).  Specify what type of rights you are selling: First North American Electronic Rights Only.

Second Serial Right
These are reprint rights and apply to print and electronic markets. Never sell reprint rights, keep them at all costs.  Even you will earn less money for each reprint, yet you can sell your work over and over again.

Subsidiary Rights
Other rights that authors and freelancers hold are subsidiary rights, including, but not limited to movie rights, TV and radio rights, audio and other media rights.

Each story, each novel is a piece of your writing business. If you spread them out over a number of pen names you have a pretty consistent cash flow streams working. You just need to offer them to people who will buy them.

For example: You sold German Translation Rights, and your contract with the German publisher limited your book to trade paper only. Now you can sell:

  • German hardback rights
  • German audio rights
  • German mass market rights
  • German film rights

Your German publisher will pay advances like your Canadian or American publisher, and there will be royalties (against advances).  And then maybe can sell it to Spanish publishing houses. Or Russian, Italian… Dozens and dozens of pieces of your work can be sold.  Each piece is a cash stream.  You just need to sell it.  You create the inventory, your book, just once, but you can sell it for your entire life and even your heirs can keep selling these pieces.

Wring maximum value out of your “book” by spinning off audios, videos, magazine excerpts, foreign-language editions, and more.  Multipurpose your book into downloadable CD’s and e-book versions.

Audio Books:
Why not additionally create an audio-book from your novel or even from non-fiction? Audio-books are becoming more and more popular!  Your readers can listen to your audio-books, which can easily double their book consumption because they are using time that previously was not available and turning it into valuable “reading” time.

They can listen in the car, bus, train, plane… while exercising, walking or hiking, on the beach or while doing mundane tasks around the house or yard.
Special needs readers, such as blind ones will have access to your written words in form of an audio-book.
Audio-books can be listened to on an iPod or iPhone/SmartPhone or other MP3 player, even on most e-readers such as Kindle and Nook.
A membership at (owned by is a good deal for your readers. They can choose from various plans, and easily download digital audio-books to their preferred device. Or your readers can go to their local public library to get audio-books for free.


Kindle Singles:
Now it is possible to write 5,000 (better 10,000) to 30,000 word articles, Amazon calls them “Kindle Singles” and sells them online. A prominent author of these Kindle Singles is Stephen King, with his Single “Mile 81” the current top seller (as of this writing).  So, instead of submitting your work for free to content farms, you sell those articles at the internet giant Amazon website and receive 70% royalties, even for Singles priced under Dollar 2.99.  To be precise for Singles priced between 99 cents and $4.99
Other criterias for Amazon Singles are:
• Original work, not previously published in other formats or publications
• Self-contained work, not chapters excerpted from a longer work
• Not published on any public website in its entirety
• But Amazon is are currently not accepting how-to manuals, public domain works, reference books, travel guides, or children’s books!


Split Your Book in Single Articles.
Very few emerging writers realize that they can sell their magazine articles over and over again.  As long as the markets don’t overlap, you can sell exactly the same article as many times as you like and, in this globally connected marketplace, it is easier than you think.

However, you can only sell first rights, either print or electronic, once for the same piece. After that, unless you change the article significantly, you must offer it as a reprint for a lower fee. If you change the article, you can sell it again for first rights.

Then tweak it into an 800 word article for a national US daily. Subsequently, you make some minor changes to slant the piece for a travel magazine. Each time, you are able to sell it for first rights. Continue to sell it, however look out for new markets in other English language markets overseas.

This practice should be your standard operating procedure if you write and sell articles to print periodicals and e-zines. Reselling your work makes good business and time management sense – it reduces the energy you expend and increases your revenue. Unless you routinely sell a single article for several thousands of dollars, and even if you do, you should be squeezing every dollar out of every single piece you write.

Wring maximum value out of your work by creating magazine articles, short e-books, audiotapes, videotapes, magazine excerpts, foreign language editions and more.



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How to Overcome these Contrasts?




Being creative and on the other hand to manage all the publishing and book marketing tasks? How can authors live with these contrasts:  Being creative is a gift and can barely be trained, however to learn all about publishing and book marketing is just a question of time and patience and can be done well.  Writers often excel at one or the other, but are more than capable of doing both!

Creative Business People
That’s not a paradox, as book marketing is a very creative endevour.  Authors need creative ideas:

  • to evaluate their competition and potential readers,
  • to set up their marketing plan,
  • to create posts and tweets,
  • to write blog and website content,
  • to write articles for newspapers and magazines
  • to take images for their online presence,
  • to create blurbs, author pages, elevator pitches,
  • to write queries to editors, agents or publishers

Being an Introvert vs Working with Others
Writers have a profession where they are working alone, writing for hours, deep in their thoughts. And then they have to go out and

  • be present at book signings,
  • speak to readers in person or in groups,
  • network on Social Media
  • collaborate with editors, designers etc.,
  • discuss with agents, printers, or e-book formatters

Authors Can Do Both
Success demands both: A well-written book and a savvy book marketer. Building a daily plan and adhere to it like the success of your business depends on it – because it does! You can do it all yourself. But you don’t have to. With a little help from professionals, you’re free to more easily find your balance that allows you to do what you do best, and do it even better.
Successful people in every field are always growing. Mostly through reading, independent study, or by attending seminars, workshops and conferences.  Writers, building their career, have numerous ways to keep learning and growing.

Making a living from writing needs sometimes to gracefully blend art and commerce. Sharing their writing with others, needs creating in the first place.  Adjustments to a writers thinking might be necessary, in order to be able to sell the writing, but is usually well worth it. And it is necessary too, no matter if you self-publish or go with a trade publisher.




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