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Got the Blues? 3 Writers Who Will Motivate You

Winter Blues

Jack Canfield has launched 47 New York Times Bestsellers and sold over 500 million books worldwide – on the NYT bestseller list. Time Magazine called it the “publishing phenomenon of the decade”.  If not him, who else could motivate you?  Enjoy this 7-minute video with tips for new authors from Jack Canfield.  He tells how he went from inner city school teacher to bestselling author, persevering through 144 rejections, until a small, self-help publisher in Florida called HCI, published the book.  The rest is history …
Jack Canfield Even Offers 3 Free Video Training Courses:

1. Foundations & The Author’s Money Tree.

  • Key things you need to know to get started as an author
  • Ten often-overlooked ways to profit from your book.
  • A strategy you can copy which provided $24,000/month in much-needed cash flow in the early days of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul.’
  • What it takes to hit the New York Times Best Seller List (and all-too-common mistakes that cause even authors who sell lots of books miss making the list).
  • Key ways to structure your book to increase its appeal … and MUCH more

2. 10 Keys to A Bestselling Book

  • Things the most successful books have in common, which often aren’t immediately obvious.
  • How to make your book concept compelling.
  • A common mistake all too many authors make with their first book.
  • How to create a catchy title for your book.
  • A key thing Jack has done for each of the 47 New York Times bestselling books he’s launched … and much MORE!

3. Thinking Big As An Author + Marketing Strategies

  • A simple thing Jack did which helped him launch his first bestseller.
  • How to achieve your own dreams with your book.
  • A strategy for selling your book before it comes out (and how that was critical to the success of Jack’s first book).
  • Clever ways to make your book appealing to the media and how one author landed a national TV appearance for his book.


Get Even More Motivation from 2 More Video Series:
Both, Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins have written several Bestsellers, also both admit that they are not passionate writers, but nevertheless have the passion to pen their self-help books.

It makes them a perfect fit to motivate other writers to persevere and carry on with the task of finishing a great book.  What’s more, they inspire authors with lots of ideas on how to market their books.  One doesn’t need to be such marketing talents as Ferris and Robbins, who are both famous motivational speakers, to succeed.  There are lots of steps for shy writers as well.
Tim Ferris
He is best know through “The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5”, which is now for years in the bestseller lists.  See these motivational videos:

Timothy Ferriss and The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Method at Oxford Union

Best of all:
Get a FREE audio-book of The 4-Hour Workweek on YouTube

Tony Robins
Tony Robbin’s book MONEY is #1 Best Seller in Motivational Self-Help, 689 pages – all proceeds go to charity!

Tony Robbins motivation for success – Words Of Wisdom

Tony Robbins’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Tony Robbins at Oprah’s Lifeclass – LIVE from NYC

Writers are working in a lonely occupation with usually not much motivation from friends and family, let alone inspiration!  Listening to or watching these videos during breaks, on your way to the day job or while hanging out on the beach will encourage you and help you to write more great books, blogs and articles and publish them successfully.


1-Day Publishing Seminar Sarasota, FL, Sat Mar 22



Writing a novel or a  non-fiction book is hard enough, and then, having to market your book against a lot of competition. might take you – like many other writers – the fun out of publishing. And even those authors that go with a publishing house would rather write, then to spend all their time on Social Media or book signings.
There are many ways for authors to write more and spend less time online.  In our Seminar we will explain you the great possibilities, how to market your book through WRITING, not necessarily with new content, but with content that you have written already.  We will also explain how you can leverage your manuscript and your research in many ways that is more lucrative than 
royalties can ever be.
In this Seminar you will:

  • Explore new publishing possibilities; don’t limit yourself to books only
  • Learn how to make more money with your writing, using your manuscripts content
  • Become a brand, and leverage the content of your book into other markets
  • Market and publicize your book successfully on a budget
  • Find out about Government grants and funding possibilities

What You Will Get Out of this Seminar:

Receive lots of useful information for your further literary career in this workshop. Find out how to navigate the modern publishing world seminar while in the relaxed atmosphere of a group of writers. Get hundreds of valuable practical hands-on tips how to promote your book without even spending money for it – through writing and earn more money by leveraging your manuscript.


Save $20 Early-Bird-Discount before March 18, and register for only $59


You might have read our valuable tips for authors. posted daily at our popular blog: At our seminars, writers get many more tips and practical help for their future career. Sign up now and don’t forget to tell all your writer’s friends about it. See you there!




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