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Benefits of Using Bit.ly for Social Media



You might know Bit.ly as a tool to shorten lengthy URL’s, such as this posts’ web address from http://savvybookwriters.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/benefits-of-using-bit-ly-for-social-media/ to http://bit.ly/NbQgkw

When someone clicks on the Bit.ly shortened version, they are then redirected to the original long URL. The good news: when search engines find links to your short URL’s, they will credit those links to the long URL – a great SEO benefit for your web page. But that’s not all: Bit.ly provides valuable statistics for each of your shortened URL’s in tweets and other Social Media posts.


More Than URL Shorts
Useful statistics (see the screenshot above) – here are examples:

  • Number of times your shortened URL was clicked on
  • Number of times other Bit.ly shortened versions of the same page were clicked on
  • Referring sites / applications from which your shortened URL was clicked
  • Country of the users who are clicking on your shortened URL

Learn From Your Stats
This way you know how successful your tweet or post is, which site brings you the most visitors and from which country they came from. For example, if you get most referrals from Twitter, just because you tweet the most links there, and you have the most followers on Twitter, you might decide to post a bit more on Google+ and invite more people into your circles on Google+ or you might improve the number of followers on Facebook or LinkedIn.
Tweet and Post

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Via Bit.ly
A marvelous reason to use Bit.ly is for me the fact, that I can post to several Twitter and Facebook accounts with ONE click. For example: I just wrote a blog post with an endless long URL, which I then copy / paste into the small window on top of the Bit.ly site. Immediately an almost perfect tweet is created in front of my eyes and I can send this tweet / post - to all the previously set-up Social Media accounts – with ONE single click!
Sure, links can be shortened directly by Twitter, and there are other websites that shorten links, such as http://Hootsuite.com, http://Ow.ly or http://tiny.cc. But none of them offers Bit.ly’s useful advantages.




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