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2016 Writer’s Market, “Yellow Pages” for Writers

Do you like to travel to foreign countries, or other states / provinces?  Enjoy weekend trips to new places?  Where does your novel or nonfiction books take place?  In your hometown or in a foreign city?  I bet you did a lot of research to describe those places.
Leverage this research work for your novel and all your travel experiences to write not only for travel or well-paying airline magazines, but also for newspapers or lifestyle magazines – print and online.  Travel articles are not for travel magazines only!

Why wait months or years until royalties for your books arrive, when you can easily write articles that pay faster – and a lot more per word count?
Travel Magazines Are Not the Only Possibility.
Seniors magazines, parenting magazines, business magazines, frugal-living magazines, health magazines, writing magazines, newspapers – from free locals to national and international, and even pet magazines, they all print travel articles and city profiles. Here are a few examples of topics that fit into a variety of magazines / newspapers:

How to save money when ordering a rental car
Traveling with Fido to USA / Canada – pet friendly hotels
How to spend your waiting hours between flights
The Gardens of Venice, Italy
Scenic road trips to …
Amazing weekend destinations in …
Dining and nightlife tips for …
Top Ten Things to Do on a Budget in …
Most interesting museums to go with kids in …
How to save money when taking a road trip
Gear and gadgets that cater to your kids travel joy
Tips for people with disabilities or medical conditions on air travel
Best wine sampling places / wineries in …
Marvellous National Parks of the North West
Historic places to visit in Southern Great Britain
What Works Best:
The first most important step is to read many issues of the magazine or newspaper to find out if there was anything similar written before you query them.  Travel articles containing more than the 2,000 words including high-resolution images works usually best.
If you don’t have the necessary skills or equipment to offer stunning photos, contact regional or state tourist sites and ask them for photos to accompany your article.  They are almost always free to use.  It might take a couple of days or even weeks to receive their permission, so contact them early, and once your article is printed, send them a copy and a thank you note.  Another possibility is to check out free photo sites, such as Morguefile.com or any other site as described in a former blog: 7 Free Photo Sources.

Examples of Magazines You Could Write for:
Check out former blog posts where we provided details about magazines, using the search function here on this blog and type in freelance writing or writing for magazines.  Here are more magazines where you can pitch your story – exact addresses can be found in the latest Writer’s Market 2016:

Canadian Living
The Ride Journal
Southern Living
Travel Smart
Boat Magazine
Midwest Living
Travel & Leisure

Re-Purpose Your Writing Content.
Just to give you an example how you can re-purpose research and content of your novel, that may take place in medieval Great Britain or a travelogue you wrote about a trip to Europe: You could for example write an article about horse staples in the UK for equestrian magazines, bike riding paths in Denmark to a bike magazine, about one of the fantastic gardens in Great Britain to garden magazines, how to travel on a budget to European cities for a frugal living magazine, a feature about pumpkin seed pressing in Austria for gourmet magazines, an article about a historic flax or wool mill in France for a sewing or craft magazine, a photo feature that you took in a boutique hotel for a fine interior magazine, how to dress for city trips without looking like a tourist for fashion or lifestyle magazines …

Possibilities to write for magazines other than the traditional travel markets are virtually endless.  Travel articles often cover one or more market boundaries.  Leverage every opportunity to “cross-over” into other non-travel magazines with your travel articles.
Best of all: writing for magazines or newspapers will allow you to add a two-sentence bio, including a link to your author website or to your book sales page, which will be then seen by a completely new audience.  A great way of book marketing and to expand your platform and portfolio!


How to Make More Money as a Writer

In many blog articles I encouraged writers to use their writing skills and even details from their research or their manuscript and start to make way more money with magazines articles or online content.  
And at the same time promote their books in the byline.  A great help how to start, where to find the latest contacts and how to pitch your writing to editors, can be found in this Yearbook for authors – including constant updates.

I just ordered the latest edition of the 2017 WRITER’S MARKET Deluxe Edition, featuring 7,500 links – a comprehensive guide to find publishers, agents, magazine and newspaper editors and an abundance of addresses  to online writing markets – including the online version.

“The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published”
Their title seems to imply these “yellow pages” for writers are just to find book publishers.  No, it’s only a part of it!  Since 1921, Writer’s Market has been the “freelance writer’s bible”, providing contact information for thousands of editors and agents, tips on manuscripts formatting, query letter clinics and more.

Online Version Included!
Now it’s all available online, in a searchable database of information that can be personalized to meet your specific market needs.  You can search through the thousands of markets in seconds, easily eliminating those that don’t fit your criteria.  You also get daily market spotlights, a guide to Web resources for writers, tips on getting published, news from the publishing world, online submission-tracking tools, and more.  WritersMarket.com is continually updated, so you can be sure you are getting always the latest information available:


NaNoWriMo – and What Then?
Whether your goal is to publish a book, write a magazine article, or freelance for local businesses, this Yearbook, together with the latest data helps you to achieve your dreams.

Currently, the market listings are largely from the U.S. and Canada, with a few from the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries.  If you’re looking for market listings in the United Kingdom be sure to check out Writer’s Market UK.  Writer’s Market is an invaluable tool that authors are recommending again and again. There are two more valuable guide books:
Guide to Literary Agents 2017
Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market 2017

How to Make Money as a Writer:  Order it right away – or put it on your Birthday-Wish List!




Has No One Told You This?




There are lots of possibilities to let everyone know about your book, without even incurring any costs.  Browsing through our more than 900 blog posts, you will find an abundance!  However, most important is, to have a solid amount of friends and followers on Goodreads, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook  - at least 2,000 on every Social Media site, and a long list of opt-in email addresses to send out invitations for your book launch or any other news-worthy events – or for your readers to download single chapters or short stories as a teaser.

Check out the genres that are popular and announce your books on these book reader’s blogs and websites:








Google writes:  “Once you send Google your titles (or upload them as PDF files), we’ll add them to our index for free. By matching the content in your books with user searches, Google Books connects your books with the users who are most interested in buying them. Each Google Books result will display the book’s title and author, a short excerpt containing the highlighted search terms, and other public data about the book.”

Get as Many Book Reviews as Possible:
Finding reviewers is so much easier if you are well-established in Goodreads communities and other writer / book forums. Start a book giveaway on Goodreads at least a month before your book will be printed (create “dummies” with the help of a digital copy/print company or through “espresso book machines”. When giving out these early copies, try to solicit as many reviews as possible. Use the best reviews for blurbs on your final book cover.






If you have an Amazon account, you could visit the Amazon Kindle forum, where Kindle users share their experiences with the Kindle reader, and also talk about books available for the Kindle. Many authors also post about their new books and join the conversations. When you introduce yourself, consider telling folks there about your book.  Be polite and conversational in tone, and be sure to provide direct hyperlinks to your book page.

Benefits of Content Marketing
Why asking for (media) reviews, when you could get both: book promotion and at the same time (often) being paid?  I know, it is a new concept to many writers, but when you think about it – it makes really sense: why use your time and effort to chase reviewers, when you can use your energy to leverage your books content and your research content - to create articles that you can pitch to both, print and online newspapers and magazines?  And as an added benefit: You get valuable back-links to your website/blog or book sales page!

Make use of your assets!
The three main assets you have as an author:

  • your writing skills
  • the content you already wrote
  • the research you have done for your book(s)


Again: Start Early!
If you’re waiting until the book is finished to start marketing, you’re already behind the curve. As an author, you should devote a portion of every day to get your name out there and to build relationships with prospective readers, partners and friends.  And with relationships I don’t mean advertising your book (tweeting: buy my book, buy my book, buy ….) this is not relationship-building!

All books live or die, based on word of mouth!
If you try to build your network after you release your book, you’ll face a more difficult challenge. If you build a large social network BEFORE you release your book, your marketing efforts will be much more successful.

Help is on the Way:
If you have a full-time job and / or other commitments and not at least an hour per day left to build your platform and network with potential readers, let us do a good part of your book PR, and at the same time we will coach you over the phone and teach you how book marketing can be done on a very low budget – all for less than two dollars / day.  Read more about this valuable and extensive package we offer to authors.



If you would like to get help in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites: We offer all this and more for only $ 159 for 3 months. Learn more about this individual book marketing help: http://www.111Publishing.com/Seminars
Or visit http://www.international-ebooks.com/book-promo to advertise your new book, specials or KDP Select Free Days.

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