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5 Tips to Become a Happier Writer



At workshops, seminars or writers conferences I often meet unhappy authors, no matter if they are beginners or established ones. I sometimes feel like having to cheer them up. And when I look back in (writing) history there are many examples of unhappy writers. Edgar Allen Poe wrote in 1842 to his publisher, apologizing for drinking so much and begging for money. Is it the struggle to find a publisher, low self-esteem that prevents from self-publishing, too many things to be learned before becoming author-published, time pressure from day-job, family and writing demands that make writers depressed?

Writers: Embrace What You Have Got!
Be thankful for the wonderful talent that sets you apart from the crowd, for the opportunity to express yourself, for the world you are able to create in your mind – and don’t focus too much on getting a publisher or rushing to find your writing on Amazon or other online retail spaces. See your writing as an evolving process, as a marathon and not as a sprint to riches. Yes, there are writer-millionaires, such as James Patterson, J.K. Rowling or Stephen King, but they are not even 1% of all writers and it took them dozens of years or even longer to come to this fame and wealth, not to speak about the portion of good luck or to be at the right spot at the right time. Some tips to get out of the negative mind-set:

1. Take Your Time!
Enjoy what you have got. Enjoy every minute you can write, and concentrate on the writing process. Enjoy every step in the writing – and book marketing process. Enjoy the company of other writers, the many new things you will learn, a complete new world that opens to you, be thankful for the interesting life of a writer.

2. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others
Staring at famous writers and being jelious doesn’t make you more successful or happier. Ask yourself: Would you write for your own joy, without getting recognition from others or a publishing contract? Is it a fountain of happiness for you to write – or are you seeking praise from readers and the public? Enjoy time with family, friends and collegues

3. Concentrate on Writing
If you really like writing so much, why don’t you write more? Why not write short stories, blog articles or magazine / newspaper columns beside your books? Even if it is only a short article you write for a weekly community paper. It gives you instant rewards, such as having finished a piece of writing, getting your name out and often being even paid for your writing. It is so much fun to promote your books with even more writing!

4. Meet Fellow Writers
Their company will help and comfort you and give you many new ideas. Only they know how hard you are working on your manuscript. Band together and build a writing critique group, support each other on Social Media or at book signings, and exchange your book marketing tips. Writing groups or beta readers are everywhere and even if you live in the jungle or on top of a mountain, you can join a writers group, community or forum online. It is so much easier with the help of supporters – and it gives you joy to help others.

5. Keep Your Balance
Set yourself a schedule: Time to write, time to promote, time for family, time for your other hobbies or interests. Cut out useless time-waisters, such as TV news or reality television. Writing is not an excuse to neglect your friends and family. And don’t let yourself overwhelm with all the new tasks to promote your book. Get help and a mentor who knows the industry and can introduce you professionally and much faster to all the possibilities of getting your name out into the world of books. It takes years to study the publishing / book marketing industry. Profit from their knowledge and concentrate more on your writing.

Be Thankful
There are many things that are outside of your control. Take control of what you have: Your writing talent, your joy of writing and the time you have to do what you like best. Appreciate it and keep writing. Before you haven’t written a couple of books and even more articles, you cannot consider yourself as a writer, nor can others. Keep writing!



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