Free Trip to Germany & Switzerland – Hurry!


Did you always want to travel the romantic Black Forest region?  Or yearn to explore the Jungfraujoch area, to enjoy the stunning Glacier Express route, Interlaken, and to see St. Moritz in Switzerland?
Win a Trip To Europe With Rail Europe!

Join #TalesOnRail in 2017 or for 2018.

Travel is one of the best ways to find inspiration for creative projects, but it isn’t always easy to get away from work or other everyday life commitments. Creative individuals get now a chance to focus on a personal or professional project during an inspiring, creativity-filled train journey through Southern Germany and central Switzerland in late September 2017. Many artists and writers have been inspired by the beauty of train travel in Europe. Trains are a fantastic place to unplug, relax, and focus on getting work done.

This opportunity is open to aspiring writers, visual artists, musicians, photographers, videographers, and any other creatives from the USA and Australia.
The most exciting part? TalesOnRail will produce a video series about the artists’ experience, with episodes to be released online in early 2018!  Deadline to enter is July 17, 2017.  But don’t worry: you can apply next year as well, it’s a yearly contest.  Just mark your calendar – and collect ideas and great photos for the next contest.

What Will the Trip Include?
Rail Europe: “We’ll start off in Germany and use our German Rail Passes to explore the regions that have inspired the artists and writers before us.  As guests of Germany Tourism and Deutsche Bahn, we’ll travel through the vibrant area in and around Frankfurt, heading south to the romantic Black Forest region. Then it’s off to Switzerland, where we’ll use our Swiss Travel Passes to explore by train, bus, boat, and maybe even some paragliding (weather and courage permitting). As guests of Switzerland Tourism and Swiss Travel System, we’ll explore Jungfraujoch, the stunning Glacier Express route, Interlaken, and St Moritz.”

How it Works Explains RailEurope:
“Head on over to Instagram and make sure you’re following us at @raileurope.

Upload a photo to your Instagram account. The photo should show a place that has inspired you creatively, and the caption should explain to us in 3-4 sentences why a trip like this could really help you move forward with a creative project you’re working on or have been wanting to start.”

“Make sure to use the hashtag #TalesOnRail2017 in your caption so we can find your entry!

“Take a look at our Terms and Conditions. By uploading a photo and entering this contest, you confirm that you’ve read and agree to these Terms.  That’s it!  You have until July 17, 2017, to enter.  We’ll contact a winner a few weeks after the contest closes.”
Check out last year’s #TalesOnRail web series.

The Art of Travel: there’s truly nothing like a train journey
to inspire creative thought and spark new ideas!


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