How to Get the Most Out of Social Media


Want to reach more followers on your social media sites? How can you reduce your time for posting – and at the same time reach more visitors? When is the best time to be on social media?
The magic words are sharing and connecting:
Sharing Buttons: A Must!
Place sharing buttons for Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit etc. on your blog, and then connect all your social media sites with each other.
Schedule Your Posts on Social Media
Use any of these sites – free or paid – to schedule your posts, using the best times of the day or week and send your posts to three or four social media sites at once:


Check out the article by SocialMediaExaminer, where all these scheduling sites and their features are explained in detail:
Import Your Blog to These Sites:
Goodreads: Import your blog. Authors are the only members of Goodreads who can have blogs, and author blogs are a great place to start a conversation and get readers interested in your books.
Connect All Your Social Media Sites & Website/Blog
– Connect your blog with Amazon and Goodreads
– Connect your Google+ page with Twitter and Facebook
– Connect LinkedIn with your Twitter and Facebook page
– Connect your LinkedIn contacts with Google+

Connect Your Blog to Goodreads and Amazon
How to connect your blog with your Goodreads page and your Amazon Author Page?
From your Author Dashboard, click “view your blog.” This will take you to a welcome page with three options: write a new post, edit your blog’s title and description, or sync with your pre-existing blog – every time you blog, it will then appear on your Goodreads author page. From there you can change the name of your blog, as well as write a new post. Goodreads Authors are the only Goodreads members who can have a blog on the site.

On the Author Central Profile tab, next to “Blogs,” click add blog. Enter the feed address for your blog. Note: Make sure you enter the feed address, not the blog address. If you use WordPress, add /feed/ to your blog’s URL.  For example, if your blog is named writer, and is at, your feed address would be
If you use Blogger, use either of the following formats, replacing yourblogname with the name of your blog.
If you use another blogging service, you should be able to find instructions for obtaining your feed address on their help pages. Another easy way to find a feed address is to go to your blog and look for the universal RSS icon.  Click the icon to go to a page whose URL is your blog feed address.  Click Add.
Connect All Your Social Media Sites:
It looks like a big spider net when you visualize how to connect all these sites.  Each of your postings will show up on several sites – if they are connected.

Connect your Google+ account with Twitter and Facebook. Everything you post is immediately pinged to these social media sites.  How to set it up via ManageFlitter is explained in this blog post.  Read more how you get the most out of Google+
Connect your Pinterest account with Facebook and Twitter, using their “setting” function.
First, connect your LinkedIn page with your Twitter account – and then transfer your LinkedIn followers to your Google+ site.
Got Hundreds of LinkedIn Connections? is the only tool that allows you to find Google+ users from your long list of email addresses and to transfer them in bulk to your Google+ account.  A video explains how to connect your LinkedIn followers.  Import LinkedIn contacts to Google+
Saving time on Social Media, allows you to interact more with your followers and readers.  All these connections between blogs, websites and social media accounts will save you lots of time and get you more followers and readers.  How to set it up is explained in detail in these books:



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