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According to the Digital Buzz and Huffington Post statistics, more than 625,000 People join Google+ EVERY DAY.  What better then to combine Social Media Networking and visibility on the Internet at once!  Participating on Google+ – also written GooglePlus – gives you an advantage at their search engine results: your posts are automatically included in Google’s Search Engine.  

Start Here:
As we receive so many questions how to start with GooglePlus, get a short introduction how to sign up with Google+, find your followers there, how to post and even connect your Google+ with your Twitter account.

The first step is to open a Gmail account, for example or or or any other email address you like. Once this is done you can sign up at Google+. Watch this YouTube video how to do it or this one:

How to build Your Profile
On the top navigation of your page, there is an icon, marked “Profile,” which should appear once you roll your mouse over it. From there, you can start building your Google Plus profile. Just like Facebook, Google Plus gives you a main profile photo that acts as your thumbnail when you post text and images or when you engage with other people. Fill out the “tagline” section, and it will show up underneath your name on your profile. Try writing something that sums up your personality, work or hobbies in one short sentence, using important keywords convincing people to follow you.

Here, you can write a short or a long note about whatever you want. Most people include a friendly welcome message, or a summary of what they do and what activities they enjoy doing the most.

These following points are totally voluntarily: 

  • Bragging rights: You can write a short sentence here about some accomplishment you are proud to share with your circles.
  • Occupation: In this section, list your current employment position, if you want, or just author.
  • Places lived: List the cities and countries in which you have lived. This will be displayed on a small Google map for people to see when they visit your profile.

Other profiles & recommended links: In the sidebar of your “About” page, you can list other social media profiles such as your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles. You can also list any links you want, such as a personal website or a blog you enjoy reading.

Finding People and Adding Them to Your Circles
To invite people to your circles (up to 5,000), or to find somebody on Google Plus, simply use the search bar at the top to search for their name. If you find them in your search, press the “Add to circles” button in order to add them to whichever circle or circles you want. For authors the best search phrase is: readers, reviewers, book bloggers, book lovers, avid readers etc.

Connect your Google+ and Twitter Accounts
Using Manage Flitter, you can save lots of time, and have your posts (at least the first 140 letters including a link) transferred to Twitter.  Read: How-to Automatically Post on Twitter from Your Google+ Page.

Sharing Content
Under the “Home” tab, there is a small input area you can use to post stories to your profile, which will show up in the streams of people who have added you to their own circles. You can choose posts to be view-able by the public (by everyone on Google Plus, even those outside your circles), by specific circles, or by one or more people.  Place up to 500 words of content, including links and add attractive or funny images.  Don’t forget to use hashtags. described in this blog post.

Google+ Benefits
There were over 500 million users on Google Plus in 2013 and the numbers are growing strong.  Get a long list of benefits for Google+ users on our former blog:   Seven Reasons Why Google is Perfect for Writers and Five Tips for Google Advanced Users.




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