How You Can Grow Your Google+ Following


Saving time on Social Media, allows you to interact more with your followers and readers.  But first, you need lots of followers to connect with you.

The easiest way is to connect followers from several social media sites. So, no matter on which site your followers are, they will find your posts.  Some of the best social media sites to blog are LinkedIn and Google+.  Start to grow your presence on GooglePlus, this social media giant is as important as ever. Remember: Everything you post here is automatically in their search engine results!

Transfer LinkedIn Followers to Google+
Martin Shervington from PlusYourBusiness explained in a video how to connect your LinkedIn followers with your Google+ account. He explains how it works Step-for-Step:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account and on the upper left go to your Connections page and click on “Keep in Touch”
  • Once you are on the page, click in the upper right on the gear-icon
  • When the Connection page appears, click on Export LinkedIn Connections in the “Advanced Settings” part in the right column
  • A new page opens with a button: Microsoft Outlook (.csv file)
  • Underneath you can see EXPORT, click this which prompts the download
  • Open the .csv file and you will get an Excel Spreadsheet on your computer screen with all the names and email addresses of your LinkedIn connections
  • Select all the email addresses in the E-mail Address column and copy them to your clipboard/notepad.

Another YouTube Video by Lee Smallwood shows:
How-to Import LinkedIn Contacts into Google Plus Circles

Should your LinkedIn account be relatively new with only a dozen followers, you can implement them one by one. Just copy every email address from your clipboard or notepad into the search function on top of your Google+ page, where it says: Search for people, pages or posts.  Google+ will open up their profile pages if they are a Google+ member, and you just need to click “add”

If you want your LinkedIn connections to follow you back on Google+ too, you can send them a brief note (in one shot to the entire circle!) saying hello and letting them know you are now following them on Google+ because you are already connected on LinkedIn.  To do this, use the function “Also send emails from you to Your circles” at the lower end of each post, next to the SEND button.  Just mark it, before you send your note.  No one will know that you just sent out dozens of emails.

Most Important:
Your Google+ profile must stand out to people who are in your niche. Shape your profile into something that looks interesting.  Place a great profile photo of yourself (not your cat, dog or motorcycle).  Be a person that others want to follow.
Join Google+ communities, you are then part of a larger group of people who are engaged on a certain topic.  This is another way that you can refine your level of engagement on Google+ in order to add not just a lot of followers, but the right kind of followers.



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