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You might have read several articles in this blog about converting ebooks and distribution via aggregators, such as LightningSource, CreateSpace, IngramSpark. We also introduced Draft2Digital and the British eBookPartnership.

Let’s Have a Look Today at PRONOUN
Created by Macmillan Publishing (one of the Big 5), Pronoun is a site which distributes your ebook to online retailers.  But not only that: Pronoun offers you to create a free landing page for yourself, including for each of your books, from where you can add links to any or all of the five largest English-language ebook retailers: Amazon, Apple’s iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Google – to which Pronoun distributes your e-books.
You can pick and choose your retailers on Pronoun.

Pronoun’s greatest benefit is that they pay out a full 70 percent of the book’s cover price on all sales for all ebooks under $10 – and 65 percent for books priced over $10).  Pronoun pays the full 70 percent revenue even for e-books priced under $2.99.

See What You Would Receive Elsewhere:

  • Amazon pays 70 percent revenue minus the $0.15 per megabyte transfer fee for ebooks priced $2.99 to $9.99 while paying 35 percent for lower- or higher-priced e-books.
  • Barnes & Noble pays 65 percent revenue between $0.99 and $9.99 and 40 percent for higher priced e-books.
  • Google Play pays 52 percent revenue.
  • Apple and Kobo pay 70 percent.
  • On June 7, 2017, Pronoun announced the addition of the library distributors OverDrive and Bibliotheca to its retail distribution.  Authors are now able to add OverDrive and Bibliotheca as distributors when publishing on Pronoun, adding their ebook to catalogs from which over 20,000 libraries can purchase for circulation.

Conversion of eBooks is FREE

  • The best file format to deliver to Pronoun is docx – not doc.
  • Files are converted for free to mobi (for Amazon, and ePub for all other online retailers)
  • You can choose separate pricing for of major currencies.
  • However, prices are available only in amounts ending in $0.99
  • Revenue is paid out monthly, forty-five days after the end of the month in which the sale occurred.

Pronoun is helpful for authors and offers a number of amazing features, such as showing you your book cover next to others in its category, as well as suggesting less crowded categories and more effective keywords.

Now the Con’s:

  • Only English-language books are converted and distributed through Pronoun.
  • If you let your book distribute to Amazon through Pronoun, you can’t advertise your e-book using Amazon Marketing Services
  • You cannot list the title through the exclusive KDP Select or the KindleUnlimited program – well, after all, they pay you 70 percent revenue!
  • You can’t add any links to other online retailers – as Apple iBooks, for example, refuses to list e-books that have a link to Amazon in their text.

eBook Conversion
Pronoun’s conversion tool is based on the open-source software Calibre.  You can choose fro six book design templates.  So, novels are best suited – not so much non-fiction books with complex layouts…

A well-paying aggregator that converts novels for free, and distributes to all major online retailers – offering even a free website for you and each of your books.  In the future, many authors will want to use Pronoun as their one-stop solution.

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