Shopping for Books: How to Save Money



Amazon Free Bestsellers – Top 100 Free
For example:
Mark the page on your computer and find new offers every day.  You can choose between fiction and non-fiction, but often fiction books are scattered between non-fiction.
Students (no age restriction) can get Amazon Prime for half the price and it allows to get it via Amazon’s quick shipping system or free shipping.  In most cases, Amazon has the best prices for books anyway.

Goodwill, Frenchy’s or Salvation Army Thrift Stores
I am always amazed by their large number of great books and collectible magazines.  You have to comb through all their books, but you often find some in good condition and at very low prices.

Garage Sales and Flea Markets
I found the most wonderful – and often brand-new – bestsellers and (expensive) coffee table books at these venues – sometimes for only a dollar.

Barnes & Noble
Their membership program costs $25 but if you are an avid reader, it’s really worth it.  You will receive emails with coupons and offers and based on my experience, I’ve noticed that it is a lot easier to order through their online store because as a member, you receive a benefit of actually receiving free shipping and the items are usually delivered pretty quickly.

Books A Million – BAM!
They have a special price section, including recent book releases and sometimes promotions that include a “Buy 2, get the 3rd book” for free which had a nice selection.  Their membership program is similar to the one at Barnes & Noble, and they do price matching with Amazon – a good reason to become a BAM! member.

Target also price-matches with Amazon, which means: a good way to save money on these books but they have to be directly sold and be delivered by Amazon and not third party sellers.

Used Book Stores – Brick & Mortar
They can be found in almost every town or city – all over the world.  Books are mostly sorted by genres, so if you are looking for certain books you will find it easily, and most owners or staff can help you to find hidden gems.

Online: Thrift Book Stores
Their offers might include:

  • Every time you reach $50 in book purchases we will send you a $5 coupon.
  • Tell-A-Friend and Get $15% towards your next order
    2 for $7.00 3 for $10.00 4 for $12.00 – Additional books only $3 each

Find the 15 best online thrift bookstores here:

Great tips also at this Goodreads group:

Free Books for Reviewers
Receiving free books is a given for book reviewers – not only in print or ebook format but also as audio downloads.  If you are writing thoughtful reviews and you will be presented with more books than your shelves can hold.
And if you are new to book blogging and reviewing, start with reviews of the books you have already in your library, create a special page for them on your blog or website and a section “submission guidelines”.
Don’t forget to add “Book Reviewer” or “Book Blogger” to all of your social media profiles, such as on Twitter, Google+ or Goodreads.
Giveaway Books at Goodreads or LibraryThing
Did you know: there are thousands of books available through giveaways?  Authors stir interest to their work via book giveaways.  As a member at these book lover sites, you can apply and win free books.  If you enjoyed reading the novel you won – say thank you to the author and write a review.  Just as you would do with any other book (hopefully).
Happy Shopping, Reading and Reviewing!



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