Which One Would You Choose?

Be one of three winners of a short-story ebook by just answering this question: Which book cover would you choose for this prequel: 

by Dr. Charlayne Grenci


Available soon at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and iBooks. Contains two stories of the upcoming print and ebook version of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, where a little house fly is doing what we often wish: looking behind closed doors and spying on our neighbors, on society members, politicians and celebrities. You might be shocked to hear what the little spy fly tells you about sex and crime in these posh neighborhoods.

So, here are the two versions:
Would you choose the cover with the red title? #1
Or the cover with the title font in white? #2

Send an email to 111Publishing at gmail.com and write either
red title? #1  or  white title? #2
directly into the subject line. Good luck to the three winners.





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