Why it’s Smart to Sell Books via KOBO


Many writers I am talking with are still selling their books via Amazon only. It is hard to understand why they “put all their eggs into one basket only”.  During the last years, I wrote more than a dozen of articles, and explaining in detail how authors can diversify – a commandment in any business!  So why not sell your books at Apple’s iBooks, on Barnes&Noble, on Kobo, and many other retailers in and outside of the USA?

I showed on my blogs all the avenues an author can go, up to selling their e-books and print versions from their own website.  For example herehere, and here.

Sure, being on KDP Select has some small benefits, but there is an exclusivity rule, although there are ways to opt out for a while (or forever).  Yes, and the majority of books is still sold by Amazon.  But if you want to have more sales, more readers around the world, and most of all: to get into the libraries it is essential to spread your books in more markets.

Good News: Kobo and OverDrive
OverDrive, the library ebook vendor was bought by Rakuten, the parent company of Kobo last year.  OverDrive is the major supplier of books and ebooks to libraries.  See the connection and the Benefit for authors who have their books sold through Kobo too?

Readers Can Borrow Library Titles using Kobo’s Aura One e-Reader.
There is an enormous benefit for readers – and certainly authors: Kobo’s latest and greatest e-reader the Kobo Aura lets you borrow library titles. The Digital Reader reported:
“Aura One features close integration with Overdrive, the library ebook vendor bought by Rakuten/Kobo last spring. However, the feature only works in the USA, UK, Canada, NZ, and Australia so far.”

How Readers Can Borrow Kobo Library Books
The way it works is that once you have entered your OverDrive info in the settings menu, you can simply search the Kobo store on the Aura One and the e-books you see will list their price as well as whether they are available to be checked out of your library.
You can check out an ebook on the Aura One, and you can also place a hold for an ebook. Any borrowed book will indicate how long until the library loan expires.”
A tip from a reader: It is faster and simpler to first browse OverDrive’s website from your PC and borrow an e-book, and only then pick up the Aura One and tell it to sync.  This borrowed library e-book will show up on the Aura One’s home page as a “New” title which can be downloaded and read.

About OverDrive
eBooks, audiobooks, and more are delivered to over 34,000 libraries, including your local public library. Information for publishers can be found here where a presentation shows every step of the “OverDrive Connect” platform.

OverDrive partnered with more than 5,000 publishers to build a catalog of more than 2 million premium titles available for retail.

But There’s More:
If you offer your own books on your website as an author, you can also include two million! other book titles via OverDrive and earn a sales commission.

“Offer our entire retail catalog or select from our vast inventory of popular digital eBooks and audiobooks in more than 50 languages. We deliver titles to your customers directly from your online bookstore, device or app. OverDrive distributes titles in virtually every subject from more than 5,000 publishers.”

Lots of Possibilities for Authors
Using eBookPartnership, Draft2Digital or any other distributor or submit your books directly to the online retailers will spread your book to new markets, and makes you more independent as a self-publisher.  And now with the added bonus of Kobo and their OverDrive company you are one more step up to have your books included in library catalogs.



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