Why Should You Be Your Own Publisher?

What you can do to become a publisher, without any contracting with a corporation, and how you can publish on your own terms.
It is not theory:  I began as a publisher of books and an aviation magazine almost 30 years ago (print) and still publish (print and digital) my own books and those of other authors.

But I also have seen many authors giving the rights to their fabulous work away for a pittance and now are trapped for their whole life in very unfavorable contracts.  Or even worse: Some PAID for publishing their books, and on top of that they contracted their work for their lifetime plus 70 years!
So, Why Should You Be Your Own Publisher?
Consulting and coaching authors, I can see every day how difficult it is for authors when they don’t own full rights to their books.  Even their own book marketing efforts are limited and they have to rely on the mercy of their “publishers” where their books are sold, how long their book is listed, to which price it is listed etc.  I know an author who is waiting for more than two years that her books are converted into e-books by her publisher.

Which Are the Best Reasons to Be Your Own Publisher?

  • it costs less than you think to publish
  • you just “shop around”, check quotes and decide your service providers
  • you earn 100% of your net income, don’t have to split it with anyone else
  • your book will be faster on the market, compared to traditional publishing
  • you retain all rights, worldwide and forever for your books
  • you can sell your book as long as you want – not as someone else dictates
  • everything in the publishing process can be easily learned – and you will have to do your own marketing – no matter if you self-publish or go the traditional route.

Author-publishing is about taking personal responsibility for the management and production of your writing content!

Hugh Howey, author of “WOOL” explains the benefits of being the author-publisher of his (digital rights) e-books:
“No “compete clause”, having more time to write and you can take your time until your books take off.”
And further: “A great shift in publishing went from physical to digital.  And the center of publishing — New York and the east coast — is now the west coast.  The Big 5 of publishing is now better thought of as: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter.”

James Altucher, another bestseller author wrote in an article about self-publishing:
“I have published eight books in the past seven years, five with traditional publishers (Wiley, Penguin, HarperCollins), one comic book, and the last two I have self-published. In this post I give the specific details of all of my sales numbers and advances with the traditional publishers. Although the jury is still out on my self-published books, “How to be the Luckiest Man Alive” and “I Was Blind But Now I See” I can tell you, these two have already sold more than my five books with traditional publishers, combined.”
He listed the negative site of going the traditional route:

  • Advances for authors are going to zero
  • Marketing by trade publishers: almost zero
  • Grueling long process until the book launches
  • No control over content and design

… and most amazing: “Often bookstores will look at what’s hot on Amazon and then order the books wholesale from the publishers” – which could be you if you are self-publishing!

Do As Most Authors Did in the Past
Before the 1920’s they published their own books – until clever businessmen/trade publishers discovered this as a lucrative way of income.  They told writers in the past “no self-respecting writer would self-publish.  It’s for losers who couldn’t get their work published by a publishing house.”  Why?  To get the book rights and make the money – at the expense of authors.

It seems self-publishers approach the publishing process more and more confidently, are well-informed, and aware of how much publishing will cost and how long it is likely to take.  Finalizing a project you have long planned feels good, and it never was easier to be your own publisher!  Create print books, audio-books and ebooks, get Beta Readers and a professional editor.  Find a designer who makes a fantastic cover and promote your work to your readers.

If you follow my book’s advice you WILL become a successful self-publishing author – get it for less than a Latte:
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